Management Commands


Creates an initial password history for all users who don’t already have a password history.

Accepts two optional arguments:

-d --days <days> - Sets the age of the current password. Default is 10 days.
-f --force - Sets a new password history for ALL users, regardless of prior history.


Creates a password expiry specific to one user.

Password expiration checks use a global value (ACCOUNT_PASSWORD_EXPIRY) for the expiration time period. This value can be superseded on a per-user basis by creating a user password expiry.

Requires one argument:

<username> [<username>] - username(s) of the user(s) who needs specific password expiry.

Accepts one optional argument:

-e --expire <seconds> - Sets the number of seconds for password expiration.
                        Default is the current global ACCOUNT_PASSWORD_EXPIRY value.

After creation, you can modify user password expiration from the Django admin. Find the desired user at /admin/account/passwordexpiry/ and change the expiry value.